Our prices are designed to suit your needs

1 Driving lesson€40.00
6 Driving lessons€240.00
12 Driving lessons€480.00

In the unfortunate event that you fail your driving test, we give you a one hour COMPLENTARY DRIVING LESSON which will include a detailed explanation of the driving faults recorded on your driving test enabling you to prepare for your next driving test.

Pass your test first time.

On your Pre Test Driving Lessons we access your driving in detail {if you have had a previous driving test we’ll go through the result sheet} and set out the areas that require attention, we will be show exactly how to improve your driving to enable you pass your driving test.

Pre Test Driving Lessons include the following:

  • Guide notes with questions & answers that are frequently asked on the Rules of the Road and Road Sign Questions inside the office before the Driving Test.
  • Technical Questions {under the hood} which are usually asked prior to you getting in the car
  • Questions on the secondary controls which you demonstrate inside the car
  • Practice demonstrating Hand Signal
  • Practice hill start
  • A demonstration drive detailing the correct way to drive to pass your driving test.
  • Demonstration & practice the Reverse and Turnabout maneuvers.

You’re driving faults explained and how to correct them

  • The manner in which the Driving Tester will give you direction during your driving test
  • Drive the various routes that the Driving Tester could bring you on the day of your test