Automatic Driving Lessons.

At Dolmen School of Motoring we have our own dual controlled automatic car.

Have you tried driving lessons in the past, but given up because you found the gears and clutch difficult to master? Learning in an automatic car may be just the answer. Do you need to get your license quickly for family or work reasons? Are you looking for the simplest way of getting from A to B? Then automatic driving lessons are certainly for you.

Taking driving lessons in an automatic car with a Dolmen School of Motoring will make the learning process a stress free experience, giving you the skills’ to drive, reduce anxiety, and increase your confidence.

Some reasons why Automatic Driving Lessons might be right for you.

  • You’ll gain more confidence as the car won’t stall.
  • There is no clutch control or biting point to master.
  • You can concentrate on the road more than your primary controls.
  • More time to focus on the task of driving and all around observation.
  • More time to focus on the road ahead, planning and anticipation.
  • Easy to handle in traffic and slower moving traffic situation.
  • You will learn faster and you’ll need less driving lessons.
  • Stress free driving from start to finish.


On a safety note: Our car is fitted with dual controls so it can be stopped in an emergency safely and quickly.

When you pass your driving test in an automatic car you are only allowed drive an automatic car.